Expected results

Drought-R&SPI will deliver the following:

  • enhanced knowledge of past droughts (underlying processes, frequencies, severities and scales), in particular driving atmospheric factors and characteristics of the most extreme historic events at the pan-European scale
  • in-depth understanding of environmental and socio-economic impacts at a small scale in water-stressed regions (case studies) and considering the large-scale drivers
  • past responses to drought events at the case study scale, and identify best practice examples and lessons learnt crucial for the development of drought management planning
  • suite of drought indicators that integrate physical, impact and vulnerability indices, addressing different spatio-temporal scales and water-related sectors
  • innovative methodology for early warning (monitoring and forecasting) of drought at the pan-European scale
  • drought dialogue fora (DDF's) at different scales for science-policy interfacing
  • drought hazard and potential vulnerabilities at the case study and pan-European scale in the 21st century to identify drought sensitive sectors and
  • web-based information and knowledge exchange and sharing facilitated by the European Drought Centre (EDC)

Project objectives

  • Drought as a natural hazard, incl. climate drivers, drought generating processes and occurrences
  • Environmental and socio-economic impacts
  • Vulnerabilities, risks and policy responses, incl. the further development of drought management plans in support of EU and other international policies