WP1: Drought: past and future natural hazard

This Work package will:

  • foster a better understanding of drought as a natural hazard (i.e. controlling processes and occurrence), and in particular to investigate the main climate drivers and characteristics (onset, severity, persistence and recovery) of the most extreme events in Europe
  • identify drought sensitive regions by combining new knowledge on past events, natural long-term variability and projected future change
  • advance system knowledge (persistence characteristics) and methodology for drought early warning (i.e. monitoring and forecasting), considering different time scales and geo-climatic regions
  • develop and test a range of drought indicators suitable for early warning and impact studies at the pan-European scale; To facilitate the transfer of knowledge and information across scales through interaction between the pan-European scale and the case studies (local, river basin and national scale).


Project objectives

  • Drought as a natural hazard, incl. climate drivers, drought generating processes and occurrences
  • Environmental and socio-economic impacts
  • Vulnerabilities, risks and policy responses, incl. the further development of drought management plans in support of EU and other international policies