WP4: Science-Policy Interfacing: Drought Dialogue Fora

This Work package will:

  • foster live dialogue, an iteration and feedback process between researchers and water actors at different levels (river basin, national, pan-European) on drought research and policy agendas through establishing Dialogue Platform Fora
  • support information-sharing and dissemination of knowledge among the DROUGHT-R&SPI consortium across scales (local, national, pan-European), and with non-European experts (USA, Canada, Asia), particularly with regard to identifying drought-sensitive regions and sectors, and efficient solutions for reducing drought vulnerabilities
  • develop policy recommendations, stemming from the DROUGHT-R&SPI research and Science-Policy Interaction, to support the formulation of post-2015 WFD River Basin, incl. Drought Management Plans, and other international policies (e.g. UN/ISDR HFA)
  • effectively disseminate and communicate the DROUGHT-R&SPI results to wider audiences, incl. science, policy making and practitioner’s communities at different levels (river basin, national)


Project objectives

  • Drought as a natural hazard, incl. climate drivers, drought generating processes and occurrences
  • Environmental and socio-economic impacts
  • Vulnerabilities, risks and policy responses, incl. the further development of drought management plans in support of EU and other international policies