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Book published: "Drought: Research and Science-Policy Interfacing" This book includes contributions to the International Conference on DROUGHT: Research and Science-Policy Interfacing, the final event of the EU FP7 research project DROUGHT-R&SPI. The book aims to foster development of drought policies and plans to reduce risk and vulnerability, and to enhance preparedness and resilience. This book addresses the following topics: (1) past, present and future of droughts; (2) indicators, monitoring and forecasting, risk and vulnerability assessment and reduction at different scales, and (3) preparedness and mitigation options.
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group / Joaquin Andreu, Abel Solera, Javier Paredes-Arquiola, David Haro-Monteagudo, Henny van Lanen, Thursday 12 February 2015
Water Resources Research Award for Anne van Loon and Henny van Lanen This year Anne van Loon and Henny van Lanen of the Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management group from the Wageningen University, the Netherlands received the Editor's Choice Award from the scientific paper Water Resources, which indicates extremely high quality and significance of the paper.
Wageningen University, Thursday 18 December 2014
3rd pan-European DROUGHT Dialogue Forum On November 4th (2014), the DROUGHT-R&SPI consortium held its 3rd pan-European Drought Dialogue Forum (pan-EU DDF). Topics were on drought on the EU Research & Innovation Agenda; water scarcity and drought as important topic in Europe, and the challenge of integrating drought and water scarcity in the WFD implementation.
DROUGHT-R&SPI Secretary, Monday 10 November 2014
International Conference on DROUGHT: Research and Science-Policy Interfacing (10-13 March 2015) The DROUGHT-R&SPI consortium will hold an International Conference on drought research and science-policy interfacing in Valencia (Spain), 10-13 March 2015. This 3-day conference will serve as a forum for discussion among scientists working on drought, stakeholders, water managers, experts and representatives of authorities on experiences, about the needs and challenges for drought management.
DROUGHT-R&SPI Secretary, Monday 3 November 2014
Successful International Summer Drought School in Hermoupoli, Syros, Greece, 16-21 June 2014 This summer school was organized by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) with lecturers from the DROUGHT-R&SPI project. The 25 summer school participants (PhD students, postdocs, junior scientists) came from 17 different countries.
DROUGHT-R&SPI Secretary, Monday 23 June 2014
Thesis: Hydrological drought, Characterisation and representation in large-scale models At the start of this research project, multi-model studies at the global scale for hydrological drought were missing both for the historic and future climate. To understand the space-time development of large-scale hydrological drought events and the relations between different types of drought, more research considering multiple models, was needed. Increased knowledge can lead to improved drought projections and can be used to safeguard global water availability in the future. The main objective of this research was to investigate the space-time development of large-scale hydrological drought for historic and future drought events through a multi-model analysis. This research has partly been financially supported by the EU-FP6 Project WATCH and by the EU-FP7 Project DROUGHT-R&SPI.
Marjolein van Huijgevoort, Wageningen University, Friday 23 May 2014
Scientific Paper published: 'Spatial and temporal patterns of large-scale droughts in Europe: model dispersion and performance' Tallaksen and Stahl have written this article on the performance of a suite of off-line, global (hydrological and land surface) models in mapping spatial and temporal patterns of large-scale hydrological droughts in Europe from simulated runoff in the period 1963–2000, which has been published in Geophysical Research Letters.
Tallaksen, L.M., and Stahl, K. (2014) / Geophys. Res. Letters, Tuesday 28 January 2014

Project objectives

  • Drought as a natural hazard, incl. climate drivers, drought generating processes and occurrences
  • Environmental and socio-economic impacts
  • Vulnerabilities, risks and policy responses, incl. the further development of drought management plans in support of EU and other international policies